Prevent Furniture Tipping Accidents:

Securely attach your product to the wall.

Use the safety kit provided and the right hardware for your wall type.

Place heavy objects in the lowest drawers.

Never let children climb or hang on furniture.

2 Step Installation Guide

Attach the strap to the wall

Ensure the angled section of the strap end is facing outwards.

Hold strap end on the wall at a point lower than the attachment and mark 3 holes on the wall with a pencil.

Fix to wooden wall joists using 3 wood screws. If no wooden wall joist is available, drill holes and install the appropriate screw and anchor for your wall type (not included).

Secure & tighten the safety strap

Connect both ends of the strap and position the furniture in its final position.

Tighten each strap by pulling the free end of the strap until there is no slack.

Regulary check the tightness of the strap and adjust if necessary.