We offer PivotCare on all of our items at low monthly rates so you have the option to be fully covered for anything that might happen to your furniture. With PivotCare, if you return a piece of furniture that has been accidentally ripped, stained or broken you will not have to pay for the costs of any required repairs.

If you do not have PivotCare, when you return a damaged piece of furniture you will be responsible for the cost of any required repairs (as always, ordinary wear and tear is fine).


Plain and simple, PivotCare is an additional 20% of an item’s monthly subscription fee. For example, if your subscription fee is $10 per month, PivotCare for that item will be $2 per month.

Obtaining PivotCare

PivotCare is available for every item. Once you add an item to Your Cart, you can add PivotCare coverage for that item by checking the PivotCare checkbox next to the item in Your Cart.

You may also cancel your PivotCare coverage at any time by contacting us at support@pivotsubscriptions.com letting us know which item or items you would like to remove from PivotCare.

When you stop subscribing an item covered by PivotCare, your plan for that item will automatically be canceled.

Using PivotCare

No special steps are required to use PivotCare. PivotCare covers you whenever you return an item to us.

E.g., if an item was accidentally ripped, stained or broken and you are ready to return it, simply go through the normal Pivot return process. View the return process here.