Worry less, live more.
Add PivotCare.

We pay for all repair costs for items
protected by PivotCare.

Normal wear is expected,
but accidents happen.

Add PivotCare to the products of your choice.
Pay a low monthly fee for extra coverage.
When you return it, we pay for all repair costs.

How affordable is PivotCare?

PivotCare is a fraction of the item's monthly subscription cost.

For Example :




We pay for all repair costs for your sofa.




We pay for all repair costs for your bed.




We pay for all repair costs for your chair.

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Popular Questions about PivotCare

What happens If I don’t have PivotCare?

We make repairing accidental damage easy and affordable.

Repair Cost Breakdown*Surface RepairsStructure Repairs
(Rip, Tear, Stain, Scuff, Mark)(Bend, Break, Snap, Burn, Crack)
Legs Under 12"

Coffee/End Table, Short Bench, Chair, Sofa, etc

$4 - $6
$8 - $12
Legs Over 12"

Counter/Bar/Counter Tables, Chairs, Bed Posts, etc

$6 - $10
$13 - $17
Upholstered Item

Sofa Arm/Back/Cushion, Bed Headboard, Footboard, etc

$25 - $40
$80 - $125
Hard Surface Top

Coffee/Console/End Table, Desk, Dinette Table, Bench etc

$15 - $30
$40 - $75

All other items

$5 - $25
$5 - $25
Beyond Repair
Item is considered unusable and unrepairable
Full retail price less subscription fees paid to date

*PivotCare covers all accidental damage

Get a repair estimate in advance

Send a picture and a description of the damage to support@pivotsubscriptions.com

We send you a repair estimate then you decide if you want to return it.