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PivotCare covers all accidental damage

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Normal wear and tear is expected. Here is how we make returning damaged items easy

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Repair Cost Breakdown*Surface RepairsStructure Repairs
(Rip, Tear, Stain, Scuff, Mark)(Bend, Break, Snap, Burn, Crack)
Legs under 12"
Coffee/End Table, Short Bench, Chair, Sofa, etc
$4 - $6
$8 - $12
Legs Over 12"
Counter/Bar/Counter Tables, Chairs, Bed Posts, etc
$6 - $10
$13 - $17
Uphostered Item
Sofa Arm/Back/Cushion, Bed Headboard, footboard, etc
$25 - $40
$80 - $125
Hard Surface Top
Coffee/Console/End Table, Desk, Dinette Table, Bench etc
$15 - $30
$40 - $75
All other items
$5 - $25
$5 - $25
Beyond Repair
Item is considered unusable and unrepairable
Full retail price less subscription fees paid to date

*PivotCare covers all accidental damage

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We send you a repair estimate then you decide if you want to return it.