Premium furniture for a fraction of retail price.


Unlike buying, you can now return items as your life changes.

We make returns as simple as possible.

Free returns after 4 years

The average person keeps a sofa for only a few years. We don't want you to have old worn out furniture, so we offer free returns after only 4 years. If you need to return it before then simply pay a small return fee that is two times the monthly subscription cost of your item.

Try something else instead

Place a new order and we can deliver it the same day we pick up your return.

We disassemble & pick up

Don’t worry about shipping labels or moving trucks. Our teams are available to disassemble and transport 7 days a week.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I accidentally damage the furniture?
We know you will care for your items but accidents happen. Normal wear from regular use is expected, but in the rare event accidental damage occurs (burns, breaks, rips, etc), rest easy knowing our technology radically reduces the cost of repairs. We keep repair costs as low as possible.

You have the option to add PivotCare, our accidental damage coverage, onto items of your choice. Without PivotCare you will pay for any replacement parts your items may need.

Repair Cost Breakdown

Replacement Part Cost
Legs Under

Coffee / End Table, Short Bench, Chair, Sofa, etc

Legs Over

Counter / Bar / Counter Tables, Chairs, Bed Posts, etc

Upholstered Item

Sofa Arm / Back / Cushion, Bed Headboard, Footboard, etc

Hard Surface

Coffee / Console / End Table, Desk, Dinette Table, Bench etc


All other items

Beyond Repair

Item is considered unusable and unrepairable

Full retail price less subscription fees paid to date
How does it work if I need to move?
Unlike when you buy furniture, you no longer have to worry about moving your furniture yourself—Pivot will pick up and deliver it for you. We request at least one week’s notice before your move to accommodate your delivery window.

Some moves are FREE of charge. For more details contact and let us know:
  1. The date you are moving out
  2. The date you are moving to your new address
  3. The address of your new location
*You may not move items to a new address yourself.
How do I return or exchange my item?
Use our convenient online return center to request your return. Returns are FREE after 4 years. You will receive a call from our customer care team to confirm a convenient time for our couriers to disassemble and pick up your return.

If you would like to try something else place a new order after your return and we can deliver it at the same time we pick up your return.