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What is Pivot?
Pivot is a better alternative to buying furniture. You can now easily furnish your home with quality furniture at a fraction of retail prices with no loans or interest rates. Start subscribing and live your life free from the commitments of buying.
Who is Pivot for?
Everyone should have access to high quality furniture. Subscribing furniture makes it easier to live your life without the burden of ownership – you no longer have to worry about large upfront payments, moving trucks, or assembly instructions because Pivot delivers and assembles your furniture for free. No more throwing away or selling your old furniture for pennies. Fully enjoy your furniture knowing that we are here to help with repairs.

For those who prefer zero monthly subscription fees, we’ve introduced Pivot Zero. Deposit an item’s full retail value and swap or return your furniture for a 100% refund after five years. Swap or return for a 75% refund on your deposit within the first five years. With no obligation to return items, you can convert your deposit to a purchase at any time.
How can I benefit from subscribing furniture?
  • Skip the cost of showrooms and enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home.
  • Enjoy FREE delivery by our trained Pivot Staff. Teams are available 7 days a week, 9am to 9pm.
  • Relax while we assemble for FREE.
  • Most items are ready within a week of ordering
  • Get quality furniture at a fraction of retail prices. No loans or interest.
  • You are no longer stuck with old worn out furniture. Always have new items without breaking the bank.
  • Normal wear from regular use is expected.
  • Pivot is here to help with repairs by making them easier and more affordable than ever.
  • Don’t sell your furniture for pennies; with Pivot you never have to worry about your furniture losing value over time.
  • Pivot will pick up furniture when you are done with it. If you decide to return an item after 3 years, we will waive the pickup fee for you.
  • Sometimes the unexpected happens. You can opt-out of your subscription at any time.
  • Easy to relocate— Pivot will move your furniture for you. Your move may qualify to be delivered for FREE.
  • Making major life changes are now easier than ever.
How is Pivot more sustainable than buying?
Millions of tons of furniture end up in landfills every year, even though most of the frames and connectors still have recoverable value. By using technology to recover the raw materials from furniture we cut down on consumption. The planet gets less waste and you get new furniture at a greatly reduced cost.
How long is the break-in period for my sofa?
Our products use high-resilience foam for long-term comfort and durability. At first, your cushions may seem firm but they will become softer over time. You can expect your sofa to be its firmest for the first two months.
What condition is the furniture in?
Most customers choose our “Better than New” condition which is made out of parts that have been restored by our advanced technology.

All conditions we offer:
Most Popular Choice
Better than New

Made with parts restored by our advanced technology – better for the planet and your wallet.
Made to Order

Made exclusively with parts that are direct from factory.
Light Visible Wear

Lightly worn with small signs of wear. Availability will vary.
Heavy Visible Wear

Fairly worn and shows signs of previous use. Availability will vary.

To see what options a product is available in select the ‘other options’ link on the product details page.
How do you clean the furniture I return?
We take your furniture and break it down into parts—right down to the bolts. Using our technology, individual parts are professionally cleaned, sanitized, and sterilized. Each part goes through a series of inspections, repairs and refinishing processes. Recovered parts are used to build new products.

By using technology to recover and clean the raw materials from furniture we cut down on consumption. The planet gets less waste and you get new furniture at a greatly reduced cost.
Happiness Guarantee
Enjoy an item in your home. Take your time to decide if it is right for you. Swap it for free in the first 30 days.

Conditions: you can swap for any item(s) totalling 80% or more of the swapped item’s value. The free swap applies to originally subscribed item(s) - any item(s) you receive as part of a free swap do not qualify for an additional free swap.


How does furniture subscription work?
  1. Subscribe quality furniture for a fraction of the retail price. Unlike buying there are no large upfront costs, loans or interest.
  2. Choose when your items are delivered — most are ready within a week of ordering. Delivery & assembly are FREE.
  3. Live life free from the commitments of buying, assembling, repairing and owning. Major life changes are now easier than ever.
How does Pivot Zero work?
- Zero monthly payments.

- Place a one-time deposit of an item’s full retail value.

- 100% of your deposit is refunded when you swap or return after five years.

- 75% of your deposit is refunded when you swap or return before five years.

- Free delivery and assembly plus free disassembly & pick up upon return.

- No obligation to return. If you wish to keep the item, convert your deposit to a purchase at any time.

To set up Pivot Zero on your account, email
How long can I subscribe my items?
Our subscriptions have no locked in commitments, you can subscribe for as many years as you want without worrying about the burdens of ownership. Returns are free after 3 years.
No locked in time commitments.
The longer you subscribe the more you save.

Return fees after 24 months are 1x your item(s) monthly subscription fee






I have pets, can I still have a subscription?
Yes, Pivot is for everyone. We love pets as much as we love helping you with your furniture. To help you with any damage (including from pets), read the next question "What happens if I accidentally damage the furniture"
What happens if I accidentally damage the furniture?
We know you will care for your items but accidents happen. Normal wear from regular use is expected, but in the rare event accidental damage occurs (burns, breaks, rips, etc), rest easy knowing our technology radically reduces the cost of repairs. We keep repair costs as low as possible.

You have the option to add PivotCare, our accidental damage coverage, onto items of your choice. Without PivotCare you will pay for any replacement parts your items may need.

Repair Cost Breakdown

Replacement Part Cost
Legs Under 12"

Legs on coffee tables, end tables, benches, sofas, chairs

$4-12 per part
Legs Over 12"

Legs on dining tables, bar tables, dining chairs, stools, bed posts, etc

$6-17 per part
Upholstered Items

Sofa arm cover, back cover, cushion cover, bed headboard cover, footboard cover, etc

$25-125 per part
Hard Surfaces

Tops of dining tables, coffee tables, console tables, end tables, desks, benches, etc

$15-75 per part

All other items

$5-25 per part
Beyond Repair

Item is considered unusable and unrepairable

Full retail price less subscription fees paid to date
How does it work if I need to move?
We can help make the move easy for you!

Provide us with at least one week's notice before your move and we can transport the items between your current and new place on the same day. Same day moving fees vary by season and with the frequency of your moves. Most moves only cost between one and three times your monthly subscription.

If you prefer to move items yourself, you still need to let us know where and when you will be moving them. We can provide instructions for taking the pieces apart for easy transport and assembly at the new location.

For more details contact us at


I’ve placed an order, what happens next?
You will be contacted by our customer care team to confirm a convenient delivery date and time. Our courier teams are available 7 days a week, from 9am - 9pm.
Where does Pivot deliver?
We deliver to apartments, condos, homes, basements, etc. Pivot is growing and will be available in more cities soon. We are currently available in surrounding locations near Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg.

If you would like us to come to your city soon, please let us know by contacting us at
How quickly can I get my furniture?
Unlike when you buy furniture, you no longer have to wait forever for your furniture to arrive. Most of our deliveries are ready within a week of ordering. Our courier teams are available 7 days a week, from 9am - 9pm.
What should I expect on the day of my delivery?
  1. When the courier arrives at your scheduled delivery time, show them where you want your furniture.
  2. After carrying your furniture in, your courier will start assembling.
  3. Your courier will clean up and be on their way.

Helpful tips:
  • Arrange someone to be home during the delivery.
  • Arrange elevator access and open locked public doors if required.
  • Provide parking with easy access to your home.
  • Clear obstacles and walkways.
  • Clear an area twice the size of your item for assembly.
  • Safely secure all pets.

If there is anything we should know about your delivery contact
Can my furniture be delivered in a tight space?
Our trained Pivot staff have delivered items in a variety of small doorways and elevators. Rest easy knowing we have never experienced a space that our furniture hasn’t fit through.
How do I return or exchange my item?
Returns are made from your account page when you are signed in. Returns are FREE after 3 years. You will receive a call from our customer care team to confirm a convenient time for our couriers to disassemble and pick up your return.

If you would like to try something else place a new order after your return and we can deliver it at the same time we pick up your return.
Can I tip my courier?
Yes, tips are optional. 100% of all tips go directly to your courier.
  1. Tip your courier in cash at the time of your delivery. OR
  2. Tip your courier online after the delivery through your Pivot account.


How do payments work?
You will be billed each month for your subscription payments. Your card will automatically be charged on the same day of the month as your first order date. E.g. if your first order date was September 10th your next billing dates would be October 10th, November 10th, etc.

Please be sure to provide us with up-to-date billing information. You can make changes to your billing information in your Pivot Account.
Can I purchase my furniture?
If you decide to buy your item, you simply subtract the subscription payments you’ve paid towards that item from the retail price. For example, if a sofa has a retail price of $1,499.00 and is subscribed at $14.99/month, then after 10 months your buyout price would be $1,349.10 ($1499.00 - $149.90).

If you want to purchase your item contact
Will prices ever change?
With communicated notice, we reserve the right to reasonably increase item subscriptions to reflect rising costs from materials, labor, and inflation.