Introducing Pivot Zero for zero monthly payments


Pivot’s technology provides you with premium furniture for an incredibly low monthly subscription fee.

No hidden fees. Here is what you pay for:



We have quality furniture to fit your budget.

Subscribing always costs less than buying retail, no matter how long you keep your furniture. Payments stop a month before you reach retail value.


Pivot Zero

For those who prefer zero monthly subscription fees, we’ve introduced Pivot Zero:

- Zero monthly payments.

- Place a one-time deposit of an item’s full retail value.

- 100% of your deposit is refunded when you swap or return after five years.

- 75% of your deposit is refunded when you swap or return before five years.

- Free delivery and assembly plus free disassembly & pick up upon return.

- No obligation to return. If you wish to keep the item, convert your deposit to a purchase at any time.

To set up Pivot Zero on your account, email


Swaps and Returns

You can Pivot items as your life changes.

The longer you subscribe, the more you save. Pivot fees are shown on every item’s page.


Repairs + PivotCare

Our furniture is meant to be enjoyed.

Normal wear is expected and our technology makes repairs easier than ever.

For a low monthly rate, you have the option to add PivotCare onto items of your choice.

Without PivotCare, you only pay for replacing damaged parts: View Chart
Repair Cost Breakdown

Replacement Part Cost
Legs Under 12"

Legs on coffee tables, end tables, benches, sofas, chairs

$4-12 per part
Legs Over 12"

Legs on dining tables, bar tables, dining chairs, stools, bed posts, etc

$6-17 per part
Upholstered Items

Sofa arm cover, back cover, cushion cover, bed headboard cover, footboard cover, etc

$25-125 per part
Hard Surfaces

Tops of dining tables, coffee tables, console tables, end tables, desks, benches, etc

$15-75 per part

All other items

$5-25 per part
Beyond Repair

Item is considered unusable and unrepairable

Full retail price less subscription fees paid to date