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Who knew furnishing your home could be like this?

Your dream home is closer than you think.


Get quality furniture for a fraction of retail prices.

Get the beautiful home you’ve always dreamed of. Unlike buying, with Pivot there are no large upfront costs or interest.


Enjoy FREE delivery & assembly 7 days a week.

You no longer have to wait weeks for your furniture to arrive. Choose when your items are delivered— most are ready within a week after ordering.


Live your life free from the commitments of buying.

Skip buying, assembling, repairing and owning. Major life changes are now easier than ever!

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Your furniture should be enjoyed worry-free.

We know you will care for your items but accidents happen. Normal wear and tear from regular use is expected, but in the rare event accidental damage occurs (burns, breaks, rips, etc), rest easy knowing our technology radically reduces the cost of repairs.

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Normal wear and tear from regular use is expected. Pivot is kid and pet friendly.

Unlike when you buy, Pivot is here to help you with repairs.

Our tech makes repairs easier and more affordable than ever.

You have the option to add PivotCare onto the items of your choice.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I benefit from subscribing furniture?
  • Skip the cost of showrooms and enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home.
  • Enjoy FREE delivery by our trained Pivot Staff. Teams are available 7 days a week, 9am to 9pm.
  • Relax while we assemble for FREE.
  • Most items are delivered in 1-3 days.
  • Get quality furniture at a fraction of retail prices. No loans or interest.
  • You are no longer stuck with old worn out furniture. Always have new items without breaking the bank.
  • Normal wear from regular use is expected.
  • Pivot is here to help with repairs by making them easier and more affordable than ever.
  • Don’t sell your furniture for pennies; with Pivot you never have to worry about your furniture losing value over time.
  • Pivot will pick up furniture when you are done with it. If you decide to return an item after 3 years, we will waive the pickup fee for you.
  • Sometimes the unexpected happens. You can opt-out of your subscription at any time.
  • Easy to relocate— Pivot will move your furniture for you. Your move may qualify to be delivered for FREE.
  • Making major life changes are now easier than ever.
How long can I subscribe my items?
Our subscriptions have no locked in commitments, you can subscribe for as many years as you want without worrying about the burdens of ownership. Returns are free after 3 years.
No locked in time commitments.
The longer you subscribe the more you save.

Return fees after 24 months are 1x your item(s) monthly subscription fee






I have pets, can I still have a subscription?
Yes, Pivot is for everyone. Normal wear from regular use is expected — even from pets.
How does it work if I need to move?
Unlike when you buy furniture, you no longer have to worry about moving your furniture yourself—Pivot will pick up and deliver it for you. We request at least one week’s notice before your move to accommodate your delivery window.

Some moves are FREE of charge. For more details contact support@pivotsubscriptions.com and let us know:
  1. The date you are moving out
  2. The date you are moving to your new address
  3. The address of your new location
*You may not move items to a new address yourself.
Can I purchase my furniture?
If you decide to buy your item, you simply subtract the subscription payments you’ve paid towards that item from the retail price. For example, if a sofa has a retail price of $1,499.00 and is subscribed at $14.99/month, then after 10 months your buyout price would be $1,349.10 ($1499.00 - $149.90).

If you want to purchase your item contact support@pivotsubscriptions.com.