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Pivot’s technology provides you with premium furniture at an incredibly low monthly subscription.

No hidden fees. Here is what you pay for:



We have quality furniture to fit your budget.

Pivot always costs less than buying retail, no matter how long you keep your furniture. Payments stop a month before you reach retail value.


Swaps and Returns ("Pivots")

You can Pivot items as your life changes.

The longer you subscribe, the more you save on a Pivot. Pivot fees are shown on every item’s page.


Repairs + PivotCare.

Our furniture is meant to be enjoyed.

Normal wear is expected and our technology makes repairs easier than ever.

For a low monthly rate, you have the option to add PivotCare onto items of your choice.

Without PivotCare, you only pay for replacing damaged parts: View Chart
Repair Cost Breakdown

Replacement Part Cost
Legs Under 12"

Legs on coffee tables, end tables, benches, sofas, chairs

$4-12 per part
Legs Over 12"

Legs on dining tables, bar tables, dining chairs, stools, bed posts, etc

$6-17 per part
Upholstered Items

Sofa arm cover, back cover, cushion cover, bed headboard cover, footboard cover, etc

$25-125 per part
Hard Surfaces

Tops of dining tables, coffee tables, console tables, end tables, desks, benches, etc

$15-75 per part

All other items

$5-25 per part
Beyond Repair

Item is considered unusable and unrepairable

Full retail price less subscription fees paid to date