Premium furniture for a fraction of retail price.


Advanced technology meets furniture

Pivot lowers the cost of furnishing while giving you freedom and flexibility.


We do all the heavy lifting

Delivery and assembly is included. We pick up pieces when you're done with them and can even move items for you when you move.


You decide how to pay

Choose between low monthly payments or PivotZero. Save compared to buying no matter which way you choose.


Swap or return any time

Keep items as long as you want. The longer you subscribe the more you save.

Better than buying in every way

Premium materials and designs for easy repairs and near zero waste
Always pay less than retailRetail + interest
Get 100% of your money back after 5 yearsPivotZero
Low monthly pricing with zero interest and no loans
Exchange or return items at any time
Get furniture directly from factoryMade to Order
Access to low cost same day moving
Keep your space new and stylish without breaking the bank

A circular approach to furniture.

Our furniture is circular, which means we design it so that we can extract and reclaim the materials (wood, metal, fiberglass, etc) when you're done with it.

The planet gets less waste and you get new furniture at a greatly reduced cost. Our technology makes it all possible and even reduces transportation costs through advanced logistics.

Circular furniture not right for you? Just select Made to Order to get furniture built with materials direct from factory.